Antimicrobial Program

Stabicon allows the assessment of customer’s leads and drug candidates with a huge panel of experimental models. We are committed to answer your scientific queries and requirements, based on our expertise and our knowledge.

The Accelerating Pace of Resistance

Over the past several years, bacterial & fungal resistance has increased at an alarming rate. This includes resistance among Gram-negative bacteria especially, which have acquired new resistance traits rapidly over the past decade.

R&D Strategy for Solution

To ensure that, Stabicon focuses its scientific solution towards meeting priority needs on following area:

  • Target priority 12 pathogen – Potent candidate screening for efficacy.
  • Translational Research in order to transform basic research findings into applications that ultimately improve patient care, Stabicon has expanded its translational research portfolio.
  • Improved product delivery technology model for the development of novel ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat bacterial infections.

  • Biofilm Model

    Our aim is to develop different assays for scoring biofilm formation; biofilm on surface of cultures and on surfaces of glass slides and finally to determine the efficacy of anti bacterial compounds to penetrate the biofilm.

    Stabicon promises to work closely with its healthcare partners to give the solutions you need. We aim for the flexibility to meet different needs in different types of program and healthcare segment.

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