Instrumental Test:

Sr. No Test Parameter
1 Identification by HPLC -UV detector
2 Identification by HPLC -RI detector
3 Identification by GC-FID detector
4 Amino acid analysis by HPLC-UV detector
5 Identification by IR
6 Identification by TLC
7 Identification by UV
8 Optical Rotation by Digital Polari meter (Specific optical rotation)
9 Assay by HPLC -UV detector
10 Assay by HPLC -RI detector
11 Assay by GC-FID detector with head space
12 Assay by GC-FID detector without head space
13 Assay by UV
14 Assay by TLC
15 Dissolution by HPLC, for Single Time Point
16 Dissolution by UPLC, for Single Time Point
17 Dissolution by UV / Chemical, for Single Time Point
18 Preservative content by UPLC
19 Preservative content by HPLC-UV detector
20 Preservative content by HPLC-RI detector
21 Uniformity of content by UPLC
22 Uniformity of Content by HPLC-UV detector
23 Uniformity of Content by HPLC-RI detector
24 Uniformity of Content by UV / Chemical
25 Related substances / Compounds by HPLC UV detector
26 Related substances / Compounds by HPLC RI detector
27 RS by GC FID Detector with head space
28 RS by GC FID Detector without head space
29 Organic Volatile Impurities (Up to four) by GC-FID detector
30 Potentiometric titration
31 Related substances/TLC
32 Forced Degradation Study as per ICH (5 degradation Pathways)