Stabicon focus on better quality of life. We care for the patient’s needs in term of health and wellness by innovating approaches to manage disease.We specialize in innovative approach for product process, evaluating quality , upgrading and introducing advanced technology by upstreaming a potential candidate in different areas of therapeutic/wellness to meet the patient umet needs for enhanced recovery of diseases/disorder.

Stabicon has a keen interest in partnering to provide complete integrated programs in following area :

  1. Developing evaluation and validation of in-vitro model for efficacy , delivery and safety program as per regulatory needs.
  2. Development and validation of various delivery and dosage forms systematic and non systematic pathway.
  3. Target delivery enhancement and control release of biopharmaceutical classification system potent molecules.
  4. Re-engineering potential molecule by synergy effect evaluation , delivery rate and suitable dosage form.
  5. Clinical supply and clinical trial management as per regulatory norms.

Our approach

Innovative Programs in pipeline

We welcome such innovative ideas for collaboration to work with our intellectual team of trained scientist for the effective visualization of the patients’ requirement and to address complex issue by using existing research by converting into enhanced product for better life quality.

How We Work


Stabicon is open to collaborate with different organization around the globe for the development of effective innovative techniques for the better treatment in more effective way.

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