Microbial Efficacy & Analysis Program
Our Microbiological laboratory is modern and fully equipped to perform tests to....
In-vitro Models are important as alternatives to animal & human testing and are key to efficacy & safety.....
Stability Study Management
We offer Stability Study Services to support all phases of Drug Development
Formulation Development
Stabicon understand the nature of healthcare business such that....

What investors can expect from us


Let’s build better therapies together

    We Conceptualize Ideas and Develop New Products for Industries and Improve Lives

    Product Research and Development plays a critical role in the increasing market share. It’s essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which will transform into new products, processes, and services. Right now as we look to the future, we interested in exploring strategic partnership to identify companies whose products or services can synergistically integrate with our existing research services to create incremental, long-term shareholder value.

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