Board of Management

Mr. Suresh Khanna

  • Over 35 years experience in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Set-up one of the largest contract manufacturing company in India and catering to customers like GSK Pharma, GSK Consumer, Novartis, J&J, Pfizer, Wyeth ,etc…..
  • Former member of the board of Millipore India
  • Founder of KPO providing back-office regulatory services to MNC’s in Europe
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar Ranka
    Managing Director

    Worked in area of transgenic using Micro-injection, Data curation in disease pathway identification, Bio-analysis, Impurity identification, Metabolite identification, Enzyme based assays, Characterization of biopharmaceuticals and Herbals marker identification

    Formulation Organogram:

    Lab organogram

    Lab Organogram:

    Lab organogram