Microbial Efficacy & Analysis Program
Our Microbiological laboratory is modern and fully equipped to perform tests to....
In-vitro Models are important as alternatives to animal & human testing and are key to efficacy & safety.....
Stability Study Management
We offer Stability Study Services to support all phases of Drug Development
Formulation Development
Stabicon understand the nature of healthcare business such that....
Dedicated Operational Center

We provide concept-to-completion design laboratory and formulation development centre for pharmaceutical industry. Our experts will understand your business, possess experience implementing best practices, and will leverage that expertise to enhance your lab's and R&D efficiency. Whether it’s for research or routine testing, our experts can recommend and provide the right solution to address laboratory and development process challenges, helping you drive decisions, maximize resources, and increase productivity. Our operational set up services will ensure regulatory compliance and efficient workflows within a facility. Details of services as follow.

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