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Poor medicine quality can sometimes lead to serious health consequence & death. Imported or Locally Manufactured Medicines without proper pre & post inspection may be rendered substandard at any point along the medical supply chain, from the point of manufacture through the point of distribution. Regardless of where along the supply chain substandard medicines are compromised, they pose serious public health risks. Use of substandard medicines increases mortality and morbidity and may result in harmful side effects or allergies or engender drug-resistant pathogens that limit the therapeutic effectiveness of legitimate medicines. if contaminated with pathogens result in death.

Substandard medicines undermine governments’ investments in health delivery systems. They erode citizens’ trust in their governments’ ability to maintain and enforce regulatory standards. Their spread also undermines governments’ credibility with respect to providing quality health care. Regulatory body/ Organization Partnering with Stabicon support assist to can address the above challenges by following approaches :

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