Microbial Efficacy & Analysis Program
Our Microbiological laboratory is modern and fully equipped to perform tests to....
In-vitro Models are important as alternatives to animal & human testing and are key to efficacy & safety.....
Stability Study Management
We offer Stability Study Services to support all phases of Drug Development
Formulation Development
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Formulation Development

Preformulation/reformulation for solid, semi solid (only orals) and topical formulations dosage form, pre-clinical formulation, prototype development (lab scale) batches and tech transfer support. This consolidation will reflect the conscious effort made by us to make prudent choices of further trimming your R&D expenditure and investment. Also gives you place where change is anticipated and facilitated, not where change requires sign-off at several levels and can take weeks or months to deliver the necessary information for decision-making and product registration.


Each formulation development will be supported, through technology transfer for scale-up studies at your preferred site. In doing so, we will work closely with your organization to meet your strategic goals. We are keen to place our considerable resources on infrastructure, training and knowledge sharing across all aspect to improve our delivery of fully integrated global projects as per your project requirement. We are open for discussion on various business models to render our services, either by project basis or providing dedicated staff and infrastructure for formulation development, stability testing, sample management, analytical development & validation, quality assurance, and other services, including stability data reporting in support of all worldwide dossier filings by your organization.

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