Our Value

We are honest and respectful in all our actions. We adhere to the highest standards of business conduct. We conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do stands the test of public scrutiny. We are committed to our patients, customers, employees and shareholders and work to earn their trust and respect every day. We are passionate in our pursuit of excellence; driven by the unyielding desire to achieve our vision. This commitment extends to every one of our services, allowing us to achieve the highest possible standards.

Stabicon is committed to creating an ambience in which all employees can work together in clean and safe work environment. The company believes that all employees, including persons who have dealings with the company have the right to be treated with dignity. We approach each opportunity with the idea that nothing is impossible, challenging every employee to make a difference in our company and in the services we deliver to our customers. We continuously challenge the status quo and seek new solutions to meet the current and future needs of our customers. We strive to be leaders at all levels of the organization by living our values every day. We constantly seek to improve our personal effectiveness and drive innovation and execution. We recognize and reward the success of our people and inspire one another to achieve our greatest potential.

Commitment to Our Customers

Complete confidentiality and protection of client’s intellectual property

We are committed to complete confidentiality and protection of client’s intellectual property and it is part of Stabicon Life Sciences Culture. Our clients trust us completely with their proprietary information. Whether it is a service based partnership or a collaborative research program, sensitivity to client confidentiality permeates all our operations.

We commit to use confidential information provided to us solely in connection with execution of services for our customers and commit not to disclose it at any time without prior written consent. All confidential information remains the property of our customers. Our watertight systems encompass people, processes and policies. Our corporate policy makes it mandatory for all our scientists to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Consistent quality and reliability of our service delivery

We are committed to quality and reliability of our service. To us, these two things are like gospel truth. We remain committed to our customers to deliver on agreed objectives and committed timelines. We also make a promise to ourselves to be a reliable partner fulfilling all requirements of our customers. To make this happen, we assemble right team of capable well trained and committed scientist who understand the need of each project. Throughout the project, we ensure that the team remains integrated.

Value added services and flexibility to meet customer’s requirements

We always strive to deliver value added service meeting the needs of our customers. We tailor our processes according to the needs of our customers. We try out every possible alternative to deliver quality service when the timelines are challenging. While doing this, we do not deviate from our values.